Bippit helps businesses go beyond the paycheck to support the financial health of their employees.

Bippit helps companies go beyond the paycheque to support the financial health of their employees.

This makes them feel more secure and settled in their job, boosting productivity and reducing churn.

To do this, the platform gives every single employee a perfectly-matched coach, along with all the tools they need to improve their financial future.

This ongoing support is impartial, confidential, and available whenever it's needed.

Unlike other benefits, employees can now receive professional support for all their questions and concerns, and it won't cost them a penny.

Bippit uses the latest technology to make all of this possible, so human experts are radically more efficient, and the service can be affordable as an employee benefit. 

The business is backed by investors in Nutmeg, Freetrade, Monzo, and Calm, and is poised to improve the financial outlook of millions of people in the UK and beyond

With Bippit, HR departments can save time dealing with pension queries, attract & retain the best talent, and deliver the best financial support to their employees.

Offer: Canaree account holders can benefit from an exclusive discount with Bippit. Get in touch here to find out more.

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