Quick financial models

Not everyone was born to be an Excel master or match the budgets of corporations for a financial advisor.

But that shouldn't hold you back. Create powerful no code financial models in minutes. Visualise data, make calculations, and manage burn rate with the click of a button.

Based on the type of your business and industry standards, we'll make suggestions as we go. You got this!

Automated guidance

Ensure your model hits the bullseye with our powerful AI tool that delivers instant feedback on all your numbers as you work.

From early-stage to growth and beyond we have you covered with helpful benchmarks and things to look out for.

Just like having an advisor in your pocket.

Advisor on demand

No matter what concerns you have about your model or finances we'll be ready to help. There are no stupid questions!

You can even book a call with one of our affiliated financial advisors experienced in advising companies with fundraising, financial modelling and beyond.

For when you need that extra human input!

Sharing, collaborate & export

We know numbers can be a pain so why not invite your team or an advisor to help you?

Ready exports for those board or investor meetings or invite them to review in Canaree.

You're not alone!

Sanity check your numbers

Most times it's easy to input numbers but do they fill you with confidence?

Not to worry, we've added rules of thumb and if we see any red flags we'll let you know what and how to improve.

That way you can be sure that your Unit Economics make sense and that your budget isn't completely out of whack.

Quick overview

Dashboards for the things that are important to track - you decide.

For quick course correction if needed and ultimately better business decisions.

Good job!

And so much more to come

Compare your actuals - manually or via bank account integrations. Know if you’re on track in real time.

Advanced scenarios for a growing company in a world in flux. Always have a plan B.

Automated valuation so you’ll know what you’re worth and how to increase it.

Start building your business with Canaree today

Financial models? Done. Business success? Achieved.

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