90% of startups fail.

Often because they don’t know how to manage their finances well.

That’s too many.

We’re changing that.

Canary birds are known for being a close companion to humans, or entrepreneurs as it were. Perhaps because of their protective skills in the coal mines or perhaps because of their singing. Who knows!

That’s what we want to be - a companion.

We want to see startups succeed.

We will help you build your financial model, and hold your hand through the whole process.

Meet the Makers

Meet our team

Reach out to say hi or send an unsolicited application to hello@canaree.co

Andre Karihaloo

Co-founder & Board Member
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Paul Woodbury

Investor & Board Member
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Joan Lockwood

Head of Growth
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John Brett

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Sara Green Brodersen

Co-founder & CEO
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Nazish Mirekar

UX and UI Engineer
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David Frodsham

Investor & Board Member
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Dominic Botten

Co-founder & Board Member
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Rémi Fradet

Solution Architect
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Our Inspiration
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