Every small business needs a financial model to tell a story to persuade investors or make smart decisions about the direction of their business.

Canaree builds it for you to explain every number.
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Quick, accurate financial models

Canaree delivers daily reassurances on your cash flow, runway, churn rate and more.

  • Create fast, accurate models editable in real-time
  • Define a specific time horizon (1-5 yrs and beyond)
  • Get a head start with one of our templates
  • Model your business how you want with our flexible builder
  • Create rolling financial projections for continuous planning
  • Quickly add revenue, capital, head count, expenses and more
  • Seamlessly model with existing Excel or Google Sheets 
  • Recap progress in charts and graphs 
  • Visualise KPIs, unit economics in dashboards

Sanity check your numbers

Feel confident in your numbers using automated variables, not cells.

  • Check numbers against benchmarks 
  • Chart your highs and lows in the same charts
  • See your 3-year+ forecast in minutes
  • Align key metrics against revenue to test assumptions
  • Receive prompts how to improve unit economics
  • Capture and adjust key metrics to reflect budgets
Capture and align key metrics to reflect budgets
  • Plot scenarios with ranges not fixed values for better outcomes
  • Spot errors easily
  • Test and learn before making decisions on product, services, staff, and more

Automated smart advice

Ask for help and get the best advice via our product and network of experts.

  • Automated advice gives feedback on your numbers
  • Gain insight for growing your business
  • Instantly make changes to your forecast
financial advice at your fingertips
  • Real time insight into your business performance
  • Compare your model against industry standards
  • Build scenarios to test assumptions
  • Schedule a 30-minute call with our expert advisors
  • Tap into financial advice on building your business
  • Get help completing your model

Share interactive, visual narratives

Teams and investors need to understand your business.

  • Convert existing Excel or Google Sheets model into our platform
  • Instantly share models with stakeholders and investors
  • Export to a Excel spreadsheet
  • Get every team member on the same page
  • Invite teams to comment, adjust and help complete your models
  • Populate data with recommendations and alerts based on real-time metrics
  • Automate board reporting in Excel, Google Sheets or Powerpoint
  • Version history simplifies the review process
  • Automatic visualisations to help explain your business

Forecasting with (un)certainty

Stay on top of your finances as you build your business.

Fully customisable models for SaaS and early-staged companies 
Flexible modeling in ranges for plotting unpredictable outcomes
Keep a single, updated model and maintain version control
Share interactive dashboards, letting your team easily play with assumptions and scenarios without breaking the model

Start your business journey with Canaree

We understand that growing a business is challenging. Financial modelling is core to raising money and keeping your business on track. Spreadsheets are error-prone, lack collaboration and require advanced knowledge to master.

We created Canaree to simplify financial modelling and give teams the tools to plan future finances.

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