8 points to bulletproof your financial model

Why financial modelling is so important

Building a company from the ground up while strategically scaling growth is a monumental challenge. Even if you’ve overcome obstacles like the pandemic and built the perfect product, your company’s financial health rules the day.

Understanding revenue incomings and outgoings in various scenarios are essential to your business survival. Running out of cash is one of the top ten reasons startups fail, according to CB Insights.

Startups are new businesses operating under broad assumptions with no historical income, growth or other metrics to financially predict future performance. 

Financial models, on the other hand, make it possible for startups to strategically plan their operations by starting with the critical elements of investor funding.

That’s why we created this guideline ‘Bulletproof your financial model’. We tapped into the strategy secrets of leading investorsts and financial advisors and collated them into this handy downloadable guide to give you a jump start on 2021 fundraising. 

✔️  Don’t go it alone - how including others brings value to the process
✔️  Importance of understanding expenses and revenue
✔️  Identifying important KPIs
✔️ How best to approach valuation

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We understand that growing a business is challenging. Financial modelling is core to raising money and keeping your business on track. Spreadsheets are error-prone, lack collaboration and require advanced knowledge to master.

We created Canaree to simplify financial modelling and give teams the tools to plan future finances.

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