Financial models simplified

Canaree replaces your complex spreadsheets with a smarter way to calculate and manage finances. Founders from early-stage to pre-IPO rely on Canaree to build companies of tomorrow

quick, Simple & Powerful

Quick and easy to build your first model

Our fast onboarding will help you build out financial models in minutes. Leaving you to focus on growing your startup business, not spreadsheets. You don’t need to be an Excel or financial expert, we have you covered.

Templates to kickstart your workflow

Whether you’re starting a new marketplace business or working out the finances for your SaaS business strategy, we’ve got a blueprint to get you started.

The potential lifetime value of software-as-a-service business customers is what makes them so popular. Use our template to see how profitable you can be.


Whether you’re business to business or business to consumer, use this template to map out the financials of your online store.


With multiple providers and third party users, our marketplace template will make sure you keep track of your revenue streams.


Join hundreds of startups

From Saas, marketplace and stealth mode to fintech and food, hundreds of companies use Canaree to grow their business faster.
It’s almost like having a financial analyst right here with me. I just choose the numbers, make the changes and click save. It’s so simple.
Varinder Vaish, Founder/CEO
Canaree has been a game changer when it comes to building financial models for my small business.
Meg Penny
I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s
really great how easy your website is to create financial plans and projections for my startup.
Varinder Vaish, Founder/CEO
“My financial plans are so much faster and easier to work with than oldmethods like excel and help from financial professionals.”
Varinder Vaish, founder/ceo
Canaree is exactly what's been missing from the entrepreneur's toolkit. I can now spend more of my time growing my business and less time on guess work.
meg penny,
As a finance newbie, Canaree has empowered me to take modelling into my own hands and create invaluable and accurate resources in a matter of minutes
meg penny

Start your business journey with us

Financial models? Done. Business success? Achieved.

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