Financial Service Business Insight

Surfacing well organised, up-to-date, key business financial metrics requires keen experience and careful configuration of underlying accounting systems such as Xero™ or Quickbooks™. Canaree provides years of expertise to tailor a dashboard with intuitive custom reporting features to easily analyse, forecast, and model important financial metrics to better lead your company.

Key metrics and reporting

As a business owner, you need to know key financial metrics at any given time without having to review competing data from complex spreadsheets. From Balance Sheets to Profit and Loss Statements, Canaree extracts current account information and maps it to an intuitive custom reporting dashboard to easily create, update and share important financial metrics that tell a story about your business.

Get financial advice

Whether the result of international expansion, merger and acquisition, or interdepartment red tape, invevitiably SME companies confront the frustration of not getting the information they need to run the business better. Schedule a call with our advisors to explore how we can help.

Grow your business with financial insights

Make confident, empowered decisions
Questioning your budget, your finances and the future of your company? Canaree enables a comprehensive, real-time overview of your business.
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Be the master of your cash flow
Money in the bank means your business is running smoothly, but is it? Understand where you spend it and how much you need to keep it growing.
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Financial analysis unique to your business
No two businesses are the same. Canaree helps you stay on top of your finances as you scale up your business.
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Works with Google Sheets and Excel
Extracting key metrics to Google Sheets, or Excel offers unparalleled flexibility in communication to key stakeholders.
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