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Easily create, update and share custom financial plans to keep your business on track.

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Fast and accurate

Every business takes time to build. Getting started with Canaree is quick. Complete a strong, accurate financial model for your business in minutes. Leaving you time to focus on what matters most, growing your business!

Clear runway

Anyone running a business needs to see how much money is in the bank. 60% of small businesses and startups fail due to cash flow issues. Canaree gives teams a way to quickly see if they’re on the path to being cash flow positive or running out of money - without having to do the math.

Get financial advice

When creating a financial model, advice is often needed, which can be expensive. That's why we’ve included it in our product. Get instant feedback and make changes that positively impact your forecast. Schedule a call with our advisors to get help on your model or advice on funding your business.

Strategic hiring plan

Recruiting is one of the biggest budgetary items facing a growing business.  Tied to forecasting and budgets, It can be difficult to know which roles to allocate budget for a positive impact on the business. Canaree provides a comprehensive overview of your team and where you should be hiring. 

Key metrics and reporting

As a business owner, you need to know key financial metrics at any given time without having to review competing data from complex spreadsheets. Canaree gives founders a dynamic dashboard with intuitive custom reporting to easily create, update and share important financial metrics that tell a story about your business.

Meets your fundraising needs

Raising capital to fund your business idea is the core of every startup. It can be challenging to know when to fundraise and how much money is needed. Canaree allows entrepreneurs and founders to quickly calculate how much is required and whether you’re on the right track.

Grow your business with financial modelling

Make confident, empowered decisions
Questioning your budget, your finances and the future of your company? Canaree provides a comprehensive, real-time overview of your business.
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Be the master of your cash flow
Money in the bank means your business is running smoothly, but is it? Understand where you spend it and how much you need to keep it growing.
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Financial models unique to your business
No two businesses are the same. Canaree helps you stay on top of your finances as you build your business - even in these uncertain times.
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Works with Google Sheets and Excel
Transferring your existing model from Google Sheets, Excel to Canaree offers unparalleled flexibility, making it easy to get started straight away. Far less risk of errors improving the accuracy of your forecast.
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From SaaS, marketplace and stealth mode to FinTech and food, hundreds of companies use Canaree to grow their business faster.

“I'm a massive fan of it so far and will be using it a lot over the next quarter as we evolve our pricing strategy!”
Christopher Booth
“It’s almost like having a financial analyst right here with me. I just choose the numbers, make the changes and click save. It’s so simple.”
Varinder Vaish
“Canaree has been a game changer when it comes to building financial models for my small business.”
Meg Penny-Quaye
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Start your business journey with Canaree

We understand that growing a business is challenging. Financial modelling is core to raising money and keeping your business on track. Spreadsheets are error-prone, lack collaboration and require advanced knowledge to master.

We created Canaree to simplify financial modelling and give teams the tools to plan future finances.

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